Can I work out while my tattoo is healing?

Yes, you can work out, and engage in most sports, but there are a few precautions:

  • Soaking the tattoo is out, so no swimming, water sports, etc.
  • While working out, running or doing anything where you are moving and stretching a lot, make sure you lotion the tattoo before you get started.  You want the tattoo to move with you, not dry out and crack.
  • If you sweat a lot while working out, keep a clean cloth handy to pat the tattoo dry once in a while. Sweat itself is not a problem, but once it dries on the skin, bacteria starts growing and that’s of course not good for the tattoo.
  • Wear clothes that allow the tattoo to breathe.  Most sports clothing is made from synthetics and is not good over a healing tattoo.  Cotton t-shirt fabric is best.
  • Make sure the tattoo doesn’t touch surfaces like benches or equipment, so that your artwork doesn’t pick up bacteria.
  • When you are done working out, make sure you clean and re-lotion the tattoo.

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