Yes, we take Walk-ins

Like many shops, we take walk-ins. While much of our work is custom, needing an hour or more of drawing time, we fit walk-in tattoos in where we can. But what qualifies as a walk-in?

When we have the time it takes to actually do the tattoo, plus a short time to prep the artwork – say 20 minutes or less – we’ll be able to fit you in or get you an appointment a little later in the day.  During our slow season (late fall and early winter) sometimes we can take walk-ins that require more preparation, but it always depends on the schedule for that day, how much time it will take to get your design ready, and the time to actually do the tattoo.

The best way to get a walk-in appointment is to come in for something small and simple, or to choose from the designs we already have in the shop. Many people avoid “flash” art in shops, thinking it’s all been done before, but then come in with pictures off Google, Pinterest or Instagram that tons of people have seen and perhaps used.  We have thousands of great designs in the shop that have never been tattooed, and lots of artwork that can be quickly tailored to your specs.

walkins welcome-e1327615143700.jpg

We do welcome walk-ins, when we can fit you in. And if your project is too big to fit in quickly, we can at least get the conversation rolling about how to get a great custom design started for you.






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